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Energy plays a critical role in our world but as populations grow and thrive, so does the need for more energy.

The world must meet this increasing demand for energy whilst bringing down greenhouse gases and improving the quality of the air people breathe.

This requires a transition from a high carbon system to a more sustainable, lower carbon one, and Shell’s new ambition is to be a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, or sooner.

Read more about our ambition here.

"There is no more ambition that we can have than this, to be a core part of the future and that is what being a net-zero emissions energy business means to Shell. That is what Shell now intends to do."

Ben van Beurden, CEO of Shell

Shell is a willing and able player in this transition. We are investing in renewable energy like solar, wind and advanced biofuels made from waste.  We are also exploring new ways of storing renewable energy and developing digital products and services to help consumers and businesses use energy more efficiently. And we continue to supply the world with natural gas - the cleanest burning hydrocarbon - to heat and light homes and to power industry.

#MakeTheFuture showcases these on-going actions that Shell is taking to help create this more sustainable energy-rich, lower carbon future.

Eco-marathon car infront of fans

Shell Eco-marathon

A global competition for High School and University Student Teams, Shell Eco-marathon provides a collaborative platform to get hands-on experience in achieving ultra-energy-efficiency.

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Four Eco-marathon partners talking

Become a partner

Our partners are essential to Make the Future Live. Not only do we work together, but we combine resources and share ideas and innovations to help build a lower-carbon future.

More information on partnerships

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