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League competitions,Live pitches November 19 - 20, 2020
Online event

Online event

Where the brightest minds help solve real-world challenges.

The Challenges: Pitch the Future

What is Pitch the Future?

Pitch the Future is an all-new competition that challenges student teams from around the world to use their STEM skills on four real-world energy challenges.

Following a first submission, regional winners for each mini-challenge will be announced on week commencing November 9, 2020. Participating teams will then pitch their ideas LIVE to a group of industry experts on November 19 and 20, 2020.

Highlights from the Live pitches will be made available on these pages in the coming days to view and vote for your favourite ideas. We will then combine the experts’ scores with results of public vote, crowning a global winner for each of the four challenges. The winners will receive great prizes and earn points at the Virtual League!

As well as pitching ideas to industry-leading experts, extra benefits are available for all participating students. We’ve teamed up with Adobe to offer access to Adobe Creative Cloud for six months for everyone taking part.

How teams participated

The mini-challenges were open to all Shell Eco-marathon teams and designed for students to work together in a virtual capacity.

We asked for submissions to be as creative and visually engaging as possible and our teams certainly didn’t disappoint, with a number of highly innovative and effective ideas submitted.

As well as a written response, teams were asked to include a short video that brought their idea to life, with these responses explaining the idea, potential solutions and how they could be accomplished.

Registration for this competition has now closed and we’re excited to share what our teams came up with!


The top five entries per region per challenge will receive 25 Virtual League points. Regional winners of each mini-challenge will be awarded a further $750 plus 50 Virtual League points. The global winner of each challenge will receive an additional $1,500 and a further 100 Virtual League points.

Prizes for the Adobe Digital Literacy Award are in addition to these awards.

Pitch the Future

Pitch the Future

Pitch the Future

Find out more about the challenges, meet the teams, look out for information on the upcoming pitches and much more.

Pitch the Future in Detail
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