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Tracking and Reducing CO2 Emissions from Vehicles with Microsoft

Find out which Shell Eco-marathon teams won the Pitch the Future challenges with their innovative ideas and watch the virtual awards ceremony.


Microsoft has committed to becoming carbon negative by 2030, and to supporting innovation with partners and society.

Since passenger cars are responsible for a significant part of global CO2 emissions, one critical opportunity is to turn cars into a solution instead of a problem.


The challenge for teams is to design, and potentially develop, an inclusive system prototype (for example, but not limited to, hardware solutions, software solutions or conceptual procedures) that could be fitted into a passenger vehicle to track and virtually share CO2 emissions from cars globally, while also providing suggestions on how to reduce emissions from driving.

Regional winners

University of Alberta EcoCarUniversity of Alberta EcoCar, Canada, Deciding that passenger vehicle emissions are best reduced by improving driver habits, the University of Alberta EcoCar team proposed a solution that increases fuel efficiency by using individual driver data to provide personalised feedback.
AlecTEDAlecTED, Turkey, The AlecTED team turned to the natural world for inspiration when attempting to reduce the CO2 emissions of passenger vehicles, exploring how specific vehicle formations could help reduce drag friction on the road.
Alamat UPAlamat UP, Philippines, To help track and reduce CO2 emissions from passenger vehicles, the Alamat UP team designed a mobile app, titled CERO (CO2 Emission Reduction Operation), which helps users to monitor their fuel consumption and reduce it by implementing eco-driving best practices.

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The Pitches

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