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Explore the CCE Collective’s solution for electric vehicle optimisation, which involves both chassis customisation and GPS.

Team CCE Collective : Pitch the Future | Shell Eco-marathon

The CCE Collective team’s solution to optimising an all-electric drive from Rio de Janeiro to Toronto involves a significant revamp of the car itself alongside the addition of an advanced GPS system.

First, the team suggest modifying the electric car by replacing the current frame of their chosen Tesla Model S with a full carbon fibre body, which would reduce the vehicle’s weight by more than 1,000lbs

Decreasing the car’s stock weight by approximately 25 per cent allowed the team to install solar panels on the roof of the vehicle, giving the car a means of self-charging while in transit. The team also chose Michelin Energy Saver A / S tyres to provide greater mileage potential.

In terms of their navigation system, the team aims to integrate a new programme into the car’s existing onboard computer, which would compute the most electrically efficient route possible for any journey.

The programme would use local climate data in each region of the route as a primary factor for identifying optimum efficiency, since extreme temperatures can significantly impact battery performance.

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