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Learn how the Ecogenium team’s mobility app intends to improve long-distance journeys for electric vehicle users.

Team Ecogenium : Pitch the Future | Shell Eco-marathon


To optimise the journey of an electric vehicle (EV) between London and Moscow, the Ecogenium team designed a mobile app with navigation and user enjoyment at its core.

With the understanding that there are certain ways to extend traditional battery life, the app – CharGo – is built on the back of an algorithm that aims to use these practices to extend EV battery lifetime for as long as possible. Doing so not only helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the EV but can also lower maintenance costs.

To achieve this, the app finds the most battery efficient route for the EV as opposed to the shortest or fastest route, as conventional navigation software often does. It also asks users to input various data points, including:

  • Vehicle make and model – to help base routes on published battery ranges
  • Tolerance level – to determine the lowest level that the battery may safely fall to
  • Endcharge – to identify the maximum battery charge per cycle
  • Supercharging preference – to understand whether users prefer supercharging
  • Journey requirements – to specify whether certain cities should be included in the route

Using this information, the app calculates the route that best allows for the battery to be protected over the long term, thus delaying the need for battery replacement. This is particularly important for the environment, since the team identify lithium mining and manufacturing as the two areas where most CO2 emissions are generated during the battery lifecycle.

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