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Regional winner of Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Challenge with Shell Recharge

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Selecting a Tesla Model 3 Long Range Performance 2019 as their electric vehicle of choice, the ETA team explores how both mathematics and chemistry can help overcome the current limitations of long-distance electric vehicle (EV) driving.

Team ETA : Pitch the Future | Shell Eco-marathon

Mathematical Modelling

Firstly, by using mathematical modelling, the team proposes various improvements that can better measure the accuracy of:

  • Range
  • Battery consumption
  • Recharging stop selection
  • Charging time estimation

Part of this involves using the model to determine the temperature dependent range of the vehicle at any given time, which can affect both battery storage and energy efficiency, since maintaining the battery’s optimum temperature can help to improve: capacity; charging length; range; longevity; and safety.

The modelling can also be scaled by being used as back-end architecture for a user-friendly mobile app, which would provide valuable insights to the individual user.

Battery Optimisation

To tackle the battery optimisation element of the challenge, the ETA team proposes a modification to the cell chemistry of the battery in order to overcome the issue of range anxiety. This helps to:

  • Reduce the risk of cell damage
  • Ensure cell stability
  • Protect occupant safety

While balancing the cooling and heating circuits within the battery pack helps to fulfil general performance requirements.

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