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Decarbonising Road Freight Transport with Shell Lubricants

Find out which Shell Eco-marathon teams won the Pitch the Future challenges with their innovative ideas and watch the virtual awards ceremony.

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Shell’s ambition is to be a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, or sooner, and to partner closely with our customers in key industries as they seek to decarbonise.

One good example is the road freight industry, which plays a key role in the global economy but is also the highest emitting sector, responsible for about 8% of global CO2 emissions*.

Therefore, innovative concepts are needed to help decarbonise road freight transport without compromising the effectiveness of the e-commerce delivery chain.

*IEA Tracking Transport 2019, IEA Energy Technology Perspectives 2017, IEA Future of Trucks 


The challenge for students is to develop an innovative concept that helps to decarbonise road freight transport without compromising customer expectations of the timely distribution and delivery of products.

The solution could be focused on any area along the product delivery chain – from shipping on the factory floor to the doorstep delivery at customers’ homes or businesses.

Regional winners

Eco Octano UFPR EléctricoEco Octano UFPR Eléctrico, Brazil, To tackle the challenge of decarbonising road freight transport, the Eco Octano UFPR Eléctrico team conceived a transport management AI system that would help to gather relevant shipment data, before outlining the options in order of their estimated CO2 emissions.
Galway Energy-Efficient Car, IrelandGalway Energy-Efficient Car, Ireland, With an aim to decarbonise road freight transport, the Galway Energy-Efficient Car team identified the aerodynamics of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) as a key area of potential improvement.
DTU SupermileageDTU Supermileage, India, To effectively decarbonise road freight transport, the DTU Supermileage team proposed an approach that focused on three key areas: logistics and supply chain; onboard carbon capturing and utilisation; and vehicle efficiency.

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The Pitches

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