2021 Virtual Off-track Awards
League competitions,Technical submission February 1 – March 3, 2021 at 23:59 GMT
Online event

Online event

Virtual Off-track Awards

The Off-track Awards look beyond the car, celebrating the wide range of skills that have gone into each Shell Eco-marathon project. In its second completely virtual edition, the awards give students the opportunity to compete across several traditional categories, including safety, communications, technical innovation, and vehicle design for Urban Concept and Prototype. New for 2021, we are introducing two more categories: the Data and Telemetry Award, and the Simulate to Innovate Award sponsored by Altair.

In the Data and Telemetry category, teams are challenged to come up with the best conceptual design of how to use vehicle data real-time, or close to real-time, and demonstrate how the solution can improve their actual track results in the Mileage Challenge.

For the Simulate to Innovate Award, the objective is to make the most significant improvement in the design of any vehicle system or component using CAE (computer aided engineering) simulation and optimization in vehicle design.

Teams can take part in as many categories as they want. Check out the winners of the 2020 Virtual Off-track Awards to get inspired, and stay tuned to find out who will be this year’s champions!


Regional Winner: $1,500 and 200 Virtual League Points

Regional Runner-up: $750 and 100 Virtual League Points

Virtual League Table

2021 Virtual League Table

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Shell Eco-marathon Virtual Programme

2021 Virtual Programme

The 2021 Virtual Programme includes the global Virtual League, where teams can earn points across a range of different challenges. Here’s how teams can compete in the league.

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