A modular design and compact transmission system make this car ultra-modern.

DJS Miles is a team of enthusiastic engineers from Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai, India.

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“We partake in the battery-electric prototype category at Shell Eco-marathon. We aspire to create a car of the future that is sustainable and leads to a greener environment for the coming generations.”

Approach to Design and Innovation

The team surveyed young people to see how they imagine their future cars and then combined these ideas. The question, "what if the car could transform according to the driver’s needs?" led to the idea of an expanding vehicle.

Approach to Creativity

The team drew inspiration from car commercials and voice activated technologies to come up with the perfect blend of both for their own electric vehicle, Metis.

Student head shots, shortlisted team photos and submission photos appear in a collage.

Shortlisted Teams

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