A car of the future designed with accessibility in mind.

Garuda UNY Eco Team is part of the Garuda UNY Team who focuses on developing energy-efficient vehicles. From Yogyakarta State University, they started competing in the 2017 Shell Eco-marathon with the mission of learning to be the best. Consisting of seven technical and three non-technical divisions, they continue to collaborate when challenged in every competition. The Future Rider competition was no exception – the team is ready to answer any challenges ahead.

Watch the team’s submission below.

“Let's fly high!”

Approach to Design and Innovation

The team was determined to create a car design with sophisticated features that is friendly for people with disabilities, so they can enjoy the driving experience to the fullest.

Approach to Creativity

Garuda UNY Eco Team conducted interviews with people who have disabilities, identified their desired car features and created a tagline to describe the car's character and traits.

Student head shots, shortlisted team photos and submission photos appear in a collage.

Shortlisted Teams

With K.I.T.T. from NBC’s Knight Rider as inspiration, Shell Eco-marathon teams created the next car of the future. Check out all shortlisted teams.

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Future Rider: A Shell Eco-marathon Challenge

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