This car is powered through the air, made from vegetable fibres and has a strong personality AI.

In 2019, six students kickstarted the Ibmach team, laying the groundwork for their now 17 members. They were excited to compete in this race involving energy efficiency and develop their professional skills. They aim to achieve their goals and become more knowledgeable to benefit their futures.

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“Shell Eco-marathon aligns with our interests to establish more efficient ways to use energy. It challenged us to learn more about collaboration, problem solving techniques, technology and team management. We believe it’s up to us to rethink consumption patterns for future generations and the future of our planet.”

Approach to Design and Innovation

Envisioning a future similar to solarpunk, the team designed their car for 2033. In this context, humanity would have been able to solve a large part of contemporary problems, especially those related to climate change and pollution, therefore their technology focuses on sustainability.

Approach to Creativity

The team believes that the technological advances expected for this next decade are enormous. With the ascension and intensive improvement of artificial intelligence, the widespread use of new manufacturing, data and upcoming technologies, they believe that the car of the future design needs to establish new industry standards.

Student head shots, shortlisted team photos and submission photos appear in a collage.

Shortlisted Teams

With K.I.T.T. from NBC’s Knight Rider as inspiration, Shell Eco-marathon teams created the next car of the future. Check out all shortlisted teams.

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Future Rider: A Shell Eco-marathon Challenge

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