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Regional competitions are designed for experienced teams to push new boundaries, encouraging advanced innovation and new approaches to achieving energy efficiency.

These larger competitions invite between 80-150 teams to each competition, after securing their place through a strict selection process that receives the best teams from across Americas, Asia and Europe.   

As with Challenger competitions, teams can choose to design either Prototype or Urban Concept cars. Teams who want a chance to reach new heights of ultra-energy-efficiency, might consider entering a Prototype car to put their theories into action. For teams who want to focus on the challenge of energy efficiency in city driving, they might consider entering an Urban Concept vehicle.

How it works

  • Teams apply through the Student Registration Portal, they will have to meet strict design and build milestones to secure their place. At the competition teams go through Technical Inspection, the final milestone before they can get access to the track. Teams are awarded approved Technical Inspection status if their car meets the high technical and safety standards outlined in the Official rules – Chapter I global rules and Chapter II rules for each individual Regional competition. Once they have passed Technical Inspection it’s time to get on track!
  • On-Track Awards: As with Challenger competitions, the format is based on the concept of the longest-running format in Shell Eco-marathon: the mileage challenge, cars drive a fixed number of laps around the track. After each valid run, event organisers calculate their energy efficiency and rank the results. On-track awards are given to the highest energy efficiency achieved for each energy category, in each vehicle class.
  • Off-Track Awards: The Off-Track Awards encourage teams to consider the wider aspects of research and development projects, giving them experience of some of the real-world requirements needed for their future careers. The awards recognise additional achievements, including vehicle design, technical innovation; safety, perseverance, communications. As well as the Off-Track Awards detailed in Chapter I rules, each Regional competition can have additional Off-Track Awards as detailed in their respective Chapter II rules.
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Shell Eco-marathon Challenger competitions

Challenger competitions are designed for teams looking to discover Shell Eco-marathon for the first time, or for seasoned competitors to fine-tune and refine their cars ahead of Regional competitions.

Challenger competitions
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Shell Eco-marathon World Championship Series

This prestigious series sees teams, who have achieved the highest level of energy efficiency in Regional competitions, go head-to-head to prove they can maintain maximum energy efficiency with real-world speed.

World Championship Series
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Autonomous competitions

Together with student teams, academics and industry experts, we have been developing competitions that focus on autonomous technology’s role in energy optimisation. With this we aim to create a challenging new competitive arena for student teams to get hands-on experience with this technology and put their own fresh thinking into how it can help to achieve energy efficiency.

Autonomous competitions