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This prestigious series sees teams, who have achieved the highest level of energy efficiency in their Regional competition, go head-to-head to prove they can maintain maximum energy efficiency with real-world speed. It includes three Regional Championships, held in Americas, Asia and Europe, and a global World Championship finale.

This competition series is exclusively for teams who choose to design and build an Urban Concept car. The Urban Concept category focuses attention on city driving, challenging teams to strive for energy optimisation in cars that also need to fulfil human needs like driver comfort and space for luggage. The addition of real-world speed seen in the World Championship Series enhances this thinking for students.

How it works

Regional Championship:

  • The Regional Championship is a race format where teams are given a small amount of energy entirely based on their Regional competitions result. They have to match the proven energy efficiency of their car with strategy, skill and speed in a race to cross the finish line first without running out of energy. The winner is awarded the title of Regional Champion for their respective region, and the top six teams from each Regional Championship qualify to go to the World Championship.

World Championship:

The 18 best teams from around the world get a chance to become World Champion in the ultimate global finale. This event sees Urban Concept teams put through their paces in a sequence of challenges.

  • The World Championship Mileage Challenge – a set number of times around the track, using the least amount of energy. Teams are awarded points based on their energy efficiency ranking.
  • The World Championship Time Trial – a set track route using the least amount of energy in the fastest amount of time. Teams are awarded points based on their time trial ranking. Bonus points are given for Regional Championship performance and for their efforts to drive supporters for their team. When all points are combined, the top nine ranking teams compete for the World Championship Race.
  • World Championship Race – Teams are given a small amount of energy entirely based on their World Championship Mileage Challenge result. The first to cross the finish line becomes the Shell Eco-marathon World Champion.
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Shell Eco-marathon Challenger competitions

Challenger competitions are designed for teams looking to discover Shell Eco-marathon for the first time, or for seasoned competitors to fine-tune and refine their cars ahead of Regional competitions.

Challenger competitions
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Shell Eco-marathon Regional competitions

These are individual competitions that invite experienced teams from academic institutions in Americas, Asia and Europe to apply different approaches in STEM to achieve maximum energy-efficiency with their vehicle on the track.

Regional competitions
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Autonomous competitions

Together with student teams, academics and industry experts, we have been developing competitions that focus on autonomous technology’s role in energy optimisation. With this we aim to create a challenging new competitive arena for student teams to get hands-on experience with this technology and put their own fresh thinking into how it can help to achieve energy efficiency.

Autonomous competitions