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Regional Winner of Future Rider: A Shell Eco-marathon Challenge for Europe and Africa

Cairo University Eco Racing Team is focused on iterative mechanical and electrical systems design optimisation. They aim to raise their competition level in the 2022 Shell Eco-marathon season.

Watch the team’s submission below.

“We have been taking part in Shell Eco-marathon challenges since 2014, and as time passes, our team is growing, becoming more knowledgeable and putting it into practice. We have achieved multiple accolades in the 2021 Virtual League and are looking forward to the 2022 season, presenting a new vehicle on the track and aiming to improve our best efficiency results from previous seasons.”

Approach to Design and Innovation

The team’s approach was exclusive to their car, but practical in general. They created unique designs that can be produced and widely used.

Approach to Creativity

The team unleashed their creativity in this challenge! Inspired by Sci-Fi movies and their imaginations, they focused on generating a car that makes you enjoy the journey more than the arrival.

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Future Rider: A Shell Eco-marathon Challenge

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