Powered by an organic battery, this car connects with the driver in a revolutionary way.

Regional Winner of Future Rider: A Shell Eco-marathon Challenge for Asia Pacific and the Middle East

Team DTU SUPERMILEAGE is a collegiate research team of young car enthusiasts from Delhi Technological University who aim to design and build gasoline and electric vehicles with high mileage.

Watch the team’s submission below.

Approach to Design and Innovation

The team’s design process began with focusing on the passenger’s needs. Their goal was to create an inspiring, immersive sphere, surpassing the monotonous stereotype of driving.

Approach to Creativity

The team wanted to lift the boundaries between humans and vehicles. They believe their car of the future embodies an agile implementation of energetic luxury and is superior in every aspect: energy, efficiency, comfort and safety.

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Future Rider: A Shell Eco-marathon Challenge

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