Cedarville Supermileage Sting, USA

The goal of the Cedarville Supermileage Team is to create the most fuel-efficient car possible. Each year, through hard work and dedication, they improve with new ideas to further this goal.

Every year, the Cedarville Supermileage Sting team remains dedicated to their goal attempting to increase their miles per gallon ratio through body and chassis design, engine modification and computer programming. The team has participated in every Shell Eco-marathon Americas competition since it began, and in 2015, their Urban Concept vehicle was invited to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The Cedarville team has over 20 members who joined different reasons; some to seek hands on experience related to their studies, while others were prompted by professors, and a few just knew they had to be part of the project when they saw the Supermileage cars for the first time on display. Comprised of students from engineering related courses, computer science, molecular and cellular biology and more, they use this diversity of expertise to solve problems by filtering a variety of perspectives through a critical lens.

In 2020, Cedarville Supermileage Sting designed a vehicle to maximize fuel efficiency and driver safety, from scale model to fully finished vehicle securing the 2020 Americas Off-Track Award for Vehicle Design in the Prototype category.

Team Stats:

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