Drop Team, Brazil

DTU Supermileage are a collegiate research team from the Delhi Technological University working towards a collective mission to protect the environment from vehicular pollution and move towards a greener future.

The team of 37 members are well acquainted with Shell Eco-marathon, having competed since 2005 and achieving successes on and off the track throughout the years.

The team takes pride in competing, not only for their school, but for their country as well. In the 2021 Season, they were ultimately rewarded, ranking third place in the global ranking of the 2021 Virtual League, winning the Communications Off-Track Award in the Asia Pacific and Middle East region, as well as the Decarbonising Road Freight Transport category in Pitch the Future.

Team Stats:

“Our project could be a step forward towards bringing technology and the environment together, in order to ensure sustainable development as well as technological advancement”

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