Eco-Runner Team Delft from the Delft University of Technology are a group of students with a clear passion for promoting a sustainable future by building the world’s most efficient hydrogen powered city car.

The Eco-Runner Team Delft has competed in Shell Eco-marathon since 2005, and 2020 marked the third consecutive year the team were crowned winners of the Vehicle Design Award – an incredible achievement even for this experienced team.

With a clear passion for vehicle design, the team are made up of various technical and non-technical departments including Powertrain, Body, Vehicle Dynamics, Strategy, Management and Operations.

The team highlights their disciplined approach to their work as the main reason for their success, as with one of their latest achievements when they won the Vehicle Design Award for Urban Concept in the 2020 Europe Off-Tracks for the design and production of their most efficient hydrogen-powered city car: The Eco-Runner X.

Team Stats:

“At Eco-Runner Team Delft, we believe that hydrogen has a high potential in replacing fossil fuels in the automotive industry. Building the Urban Concept vehicle enabled us to promote hydrogen as a fuel and carry out our broad vision of sustainability and the role of hydrogen in the energy transition.”

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