Eco Titans, India

Eco Titans are a group of highly motivated automotive engineers with an ambition to excel at Shell Eco-marathon with the design, build and testing of their energy efficient prototype vehicle.

The team from Vellore Institute of Technology was formed over eleven years ago and each year they recruit students with the common aim of developing new and innovative fuel-efficient vehicle concepts. Comprised of twenty-eight members, split into four key sub-teams: Engine and Electrical, Vehicle Dynamics, Design, and Management. They are driven to achieve this not only to win awards, but to make a difference in the world of mobility.

Even though the team have competed in Shell Eco-marathon track events since 2009, they first found glory in 2018 as winners in the ICE- gasoline prototype category.

Off the track, it wasn’t until 2017 that they received an honorable mention for their communications campaign and in 2020 finally won an Off-Track Award in the same category. The team see communications as an important part of their Shell Eco-marathon campaign as the key to inspiring young minds, ensuring future generations are engaged in the subject matter of the competition.

Team Stats:

“We believe we can make an impact and we strive to do so through all our activities.”

In 2020, Team Eco Titans put together a successful and impressive communications campaign that leveraged traditional and social media, as well public appearances, that was fully deserving of the 2020 Asia Off-Track Award for Communications.

Future plans

The 2020 Asia Off-Track Awards victory has been a real milestone for the team and a source of motivation to keep dreaming of a better future. They are inspired to achieve more setting even bigger goals. In 2020 the pandemic couldn’t stop their commitment to Shell Eco-marathon and hope for similar success for upcoming events in 2021 and beyond.

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