Ecocar UNICAMP is a multidisciplinary student team from Universidade Estadual de Campinas where technological innovation, entrepreneurship, teamwork and conscious development are encouraged.

Ecocar Unicamp Team was created in 2004, initially formed by mechanical engineering students, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Caio Glauco Sanchez.

The team is currently composed of 30 undergraduates from various areas of engineering, such as Mechanics, Electrical, Control, Automation and Computing.

This diverse group works together throughout the year, developing their project from the design stage to the end of the manufacturing processes. The team is united by a common ambition: to bring the sustainable economy to the future of urban mobility, reducing the emission of polluting gases and avoiding the waste of raw materials and other residues that can affect the environment.

The team’s innovative approach to real-life electric vehicles and long-distance travel challenges resulted in them winning in this category in the 2021 Pitch the Future competition.

They also had great success in the 2021 Americas Off-Track Awards achieving top place for Data and Telemetry category as well as being awarded runner-up for Simulate to Innovate category.

Team Stats:

“In our team, we seek movement, diversity, innovation; and we believe that the change of the world begins with us.”

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