Garuda UNY Team consists of combined forces of Garuda UNY Racing Team and Garuda UNY Eco Team. Together they represent the University Student Activity of Research Technology of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

Formed in 2009, Garuda UNY now unites more than 50 team members from a diverse range of backgrounds. They all come together as a team to design, build and drive creative and innovative efficient vehicles. They aim to develop innovations that can be used to better the future and as they bring the spirit of Indonesia to the competition, their name is based on the national symbol of Garuda – an ancient, mythical bird symbolizing creative energy.

The team has been very active in the 2021 season, participating in every challenge, winning the Shell Eco-marathon Quiz, achieving third place in the Adobe Digital Literacy Award as part of Pitch the Future and securing a Vehicle Design Award (Urban Concept) in the 2021 Asia Pacific and Middle East Off-Track Awards. 

Team Stats:

“We are students, but we work as professionals to find the best solutions for the Indonesian future.”

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