Green Team Twente are a multidisciplinary student team from Saxion University of Applied Sciences and University of Twente working to develop the most efficient hydrogen car and to promote a sustainable future.

Green Team Twente have participated in Shell Eco-marathon since the academic year of 2011-2012, and every year a new team is formed to take on these challenges. The 2020-2021 team is made of 18 members from a diverse range of backgrounds, including Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

The team are inspired by helping to develop new fuels that can aid the energy transition, a topic which they are all passionate about. It was this passion that led them to run the ‘Hydrogen Next’ week at their university which was a full week of seminars and activities around the topic of Hydrogen.

The team also frequently updated their impressive website with news updates and announcements to keep interested parties up to date on their progress and achievements. The website also gives an insight into each team member and their role within the Green Team Twente set up. This enthusiasm for the subject and dedication to Shell Eco-marathon played a huge part in their success.

Team Stats:

“Our aim is to show the world what students can build and what hydrogen can do for the energy transition.”

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