Hydrogreen Pollub is a team from Lublin University of Technology; inventors of Hydros - low consumption, hydrogen powered vehicle.

The team of 19 students spanning disciplines including Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and Management, has competed in Shell Eco-marathon every year since 2016. In 2018 at Shell Eco-marathon Europe in London they took 6th place in Hydrogen Prototype Category with the result of 350 km/m3, which is comparable to 930 km per litre of petrol.

In 2020 they claimed their Europe Off-Track award for Vehicle Design of a Prototype vehicle for their ecological vehicle, Hydros, powered by hydrogen. The award was made even more special by the fact that they had missed out on the top prize and placed third in the same category in the 2019 Off-Tracks.

The 2020 award marks a significant milestone for Hydrogreen Pollub, they were proud to represent their university in a competition where some of the best universities in the world compete. Driven by the desire to develop the engineering knowledge of each participating team member, the team harnesses their love of invention to try and create the most efficient vehicle possible.

Team Stats:

“The award means everything. We are the first team from Poland to win a Shell Eco-marathon award. We are from a small university, so it’s very encouraging to have won against some of the best universities in Europe. Winning is the best motivation for us to work even harder and better in the future.”

Future Plans

Hydrogreen Pollub has big ambitions to claim the top prize in the prototype category for hydrogen vehicles at future Shell Eco-marathon competitions. They also aspire to take on new challenges and enter the Urban Vehicle category. Overall, the team is driven and wants to inspire the next generation of participants from their university to take part in Shell Eco-marathon.

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