Inferno, India

Inferno are a team of engineering students from Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore who build super mileage cars.

Their ambition for their prototype vehicles is to promote efficient use of depleting fuels so they run as eco-efficiently as possible.

Team Inferno is certainly no stranger to Shell Eco-marathon, given that their university is participating has been participating in the competition since 2011.

Drawing from a wide range of disciplines including mechanics, electrics, computer science and biotech, Team Inferno’s 25 members leveraged their varying skillsets extremely effectively to deliver success. The team’s mechanical specialists were responsible for overseeing design and fabrication, while the electrical team was tasked with perfecting the drive train and motor tuning, and the computer science and biotech students managed public relations and marketing activities.

Team Stats:

Safety is a priority for Team Inferno as they strive to ensure that both their working environment, and the vehicle they create are completely safe for every team member to work in and around. In 2020 this was no exception, winning the Safety Award and securing the team’s first Asia Off-Track Award which has inspired them to seek further successes in these categories in the years to come.

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