LA Tech ECO Car, USA

The Louisiana Tech Eco-Car team is a group of highly motivated students and faculty working together to design competitive, fuel-efficient cars.

As a long-time Shell Eco-marathon competitor, LA Tech Eco Car from Louisiana Tech University has become well-known for their Urban Concept designs that combine technical prowess with aesthetic appeal.

The LA Tech Eco Car team is made up of 19 students from many different fields. Anyone is welcome into the group if they are willing to work hard and buy into the team’s love of design and engineering.

Team Stats:

“Each one of us has a passion for designing and building to make the world a better place”

The LA Tech Eco Car team has been competing in Shell Eco-marathon for 13 years and has won multiple Off-Track Awards in that time. Off-Track successes include awards in Vehicle Design, Communications and Safety categories.

An aspect of the team’s style that distinguishes them from other teams is the fact they always take the appearance of what they are building into account during design.

No strangers to adversity, the team involved in this year’s competition were heavily involved in the clean-up and recovery process taking place after their town was hit by a tornado that caused serious damage to both the city and the University campus in 2019.

Read more about the LA Tech Eco Car team’s recent achievements – their winning entry for the Vehicle Design Award (Urban Concept) in 2020 America Off-Track Awards

“We attempt to marry together the function and aesthetics in order to make cars that people would really want to drive.”

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