Mater dei supermileage 2, USA

Mater Dei Supermileage are an extra-curricular team open to all Mater Dei High School students that build fuel efficient cars to compete in gas mileage competitions.

As a Shell Eco-marathon Americas legacy team and multi-category award winner many times over, Mater Dei high school is no stranger to overcoming the technical challenges of building an ultra-energy efficient vehicle. The team was formed 15 years ago to compete in the Indiana Supermileage & Engineering Challenge and has achieved increasing amounts of success every year since.

Mater Dei High School has competed in every Shell Eco-marathon Americas competition since 2007, and in 2016 got to travel to London after advancing to the World Championship. The 2020 team was made up of seven individuals with aspirations to study a variety of engineering subjects as they look ahead to their college and university years.

Team Stats:

“If you want to succeed, you can’t give up. Even the bigger teams that are winning had to start somewhere.”

In 2020, the Mater Dei Supermileage 2 team pulled out all the stops by developing an airless tire and wheel which was optimized for weight reduction, frictional grip, rolling resistance and aerodynamics. Their fresh thinking and precise execution secured them the 2020 Americas Off-track Award for Technical Innovation

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