Nanyang Autonomous Venture, Singapore

Nanyang Autonomous Venture are a multidisciplinary group with expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics, computing, art, design, media, and even Renaissance engineering.

Led by faculty professors at the Nanyang Technological University the Nanyang Autonomous Venture team has consistently participated in Shell Eco-marathon for 11 years and has won multiple awards, both on and off-track.

Nanyang Autonomous Venture is a team the university first fielded for Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2019. In 2020, they won their first Vehicle Design Award for Urban Concept in the 2020 Asia Off-Tracks for their NV-11 vehicle’s unique aesthetic design and creative technical components.

Team Stats:

“Our success is not only our own. It was only possible through the work done preceding the 2020 Shell Eco-marathon Asia competition. The rich knowledge handed down to us from our seniors, enabled us to attain what we did. We will continue to pass the baton onto future Nanyang Venture teams.”

Future plans

Following their Off- Track Awards success in June 2020, the students from the Nanyang Autonomous Venture team continue to pursue engineering careers, with some looking towards the automotive industry. They all believe that being able to practically apply their knowledge from the classroom to Shell Eco-marathon has helped prepare them for life beyond university.

“We believe that constructive competition from the vast number of quality participants drive teams to go even further. It is our hope that the Shell Eco-marathon experience reaches many more students, even earlier on in their educational journeys; and that it may also inspire more bright minds to pursue engineering.”

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