Northridge High School, USA

Northridge High School Supermileage team was formed to offer engineering students a real-life, project-based course preparing them for life beyond high school.

Students who have participated in Shell Eco-marathon consistently say, that they have learned many practical skills preparing them for life after graduating from high school, regardless of how their vehicle performed.

Made up of seven members, six seniors and one junior, with several of the 2020 team that were afterschool helpers in the past who went on to be recruited. They enjoyed participating so much that they wanted to be on this year’s team and were proud to do so!

The Northridge High School team had a common goal of completing their vehicle in time to test and prepare for the 2020 Americas Off-Track Awards. The team did an excellent job with their entry which included the most comprehensive safety travel plan; securing them the Road Safety Stipend.

Team Stats:

Future plans

The subjects the students felt helped them the most while they were in high school were engineering, physics, and small engine repair classes. Inspired by their time on the Supermileage Team, half of the Northridge High School members decided to pursue automotive engineering as they entered college in 2020/2021. Other seniors plan to pursue college majors in pre-law, advanced manufacturing, and mechanical engineering.

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