Pravega are a group of mechanical engineering students from Government Engineering College, Barton Hill participating in Shell Eco-marathon who design, fabricate and drive fuel-efficient cars.

All 15 members of Team Pravega study mechanical engineering and have been classmates for over three years, sharing numerous common interests such as material sciences, machine design and robotics. This close-knit group’s chemistry helped to develop an outstanding team dynamic that fostered successful co-ordination.

The students first participated in Shell Eco-marathon in 2015 and have proven their talents by winning the Technical Innovation award at Shell Eco-marathon India 2018.

Team Pravega’s knowledge of materials and drive to minimise the use of wasteful resources led the group to explore the innovative application of bamboo as a principal material used in the build of their vehicle for their entry into the 2020 Asia Off-Tracks, where they ultimately went onto win the Circular Economy Award.

Team Stats:

“Being from the same trade and sharing almost common interests, our communications jelled from the very beginning and we didn’t need an ice breaking period.”

Future plans

Shell Eco-marathon has opened up so many opportunities for Team Pravega in the automotive space. Their success has gained local attention and team members are in conversations with a local vehicle manufacturer about developing bamboo electric vehicles.

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