Team Averera is a team of automobile enthusiasts from the Indian Institute of Technology - Banaras Hindu University working towards transforming electric mobility in India.

Team Averera were established in 2013 in a common room of a hostel with the vision of contributing towards a greener future. They self-manufactured their first vehicle in just three weeks and this prototype served as a symbol of the team’s passion and potential. That passion led to teams’ continuous growth and success, culminating in winning the 2021 Shell Eco-marathon Season Virtual League.

The team have had great success in showcasing their passion and perseverance both on and off the track, earning awards for Technical Innovation and Vehicle Design at Shell Eco-marathon India and Asia events in 2019.

More recently they won a Simulate to Innovate award in the 2021 Asia Pacific and Middle East Off-Track Awards and first place in the Urban Concept category for the Virtual Tech Inspection competition.

Team Stats:

“We believe in the great saying – ‘Leave the world better than you found it’ – At Team Averera, we are doing our bit to make the world a better place, through the platform of the Shell Eco-marathon.”

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