Tp Eco Flash, Singapore

TP Eco Flash from Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore are an exceptional team comprised of students from different backgrounds in clean energy, electronics and mechatronics.

The TP Eco Flash team have competed in Shell Eco-marathon for three years. No strangers to success, the team won the Asia on-track award in the Hydrogen Prototype category during the 2018/19 programme in only their second year of participation.

With a total of 12 team members with complementary skill sets, the TP Eco Flash team was able to clearly define roles and responsibilities for the design and build of their vehicle. Those studying mechatronics were responsible for the drawing and design aspects of the project, while electronics students were tasked with creating the team vehicle’s custom printed circuit board. Team members who were from the Clean Energy major focused on the design of the hydrogen fuel cell and energy storage systems on the vehicle.

Team Stats:

“To us, Shell Eco-marathon is really special, as this competition is about integrating man (driver) and machine (eco car) to work together. The format attracts engineers who are racing enthusiasts to participate. We feel this is important as engineering students, as we were finally able to apply our skills and knowledge in the “real world” to design and build our prototype vehicle.”

In 2020, TP Eco Flash achieved success with an energy conserving, purge-free water removal system for a hydrogen fuel cell. Their simplistic and yet effective idea secured them the 2020 Asia Off-track Award for Technical Innovation

Future plans

The TP Eco Flash team are an ambitious group, and Shell Eco-marathon has added to this ambition. The team’s enjoyment of Shell Eco-marathon has inspired many of them to pursue careers as motorsport engineers, and one team member was keen on a getting into Formula One as a race engineer.

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