Team UMAKIT, an innovative engineering group from Bursa Uludağ University have been developing efficient, environmental and futuristic electric vehicles since 2004.

From their inception the team created 16 different electric vehicles using a variety of sources including hydrogen fuel cell, battery electric, and solar. Having first participated in Shell Eco-marathon in 2017, they became the first team from Turkey to win the hydrogen Urban Concept Award in 2018.

Team UMAKIT consist of 10 members and two academic advisors from a range of disciplines, including mass reduction, power-train system, steering system, fuel cell system, environmentally friendly materials and technics.

The most memorable moment for them in 2020 was being able to proudly comment with an image of the Turkish flag when they were announced as the winning team live during the Europe Off-Track Awards ceremony.

Team Stats:

Shell Eco-marathon is one of the most prestigious student competitions in the world; showcasing the spirit of competition and the process of developing efficient, environmentally friendly and new-generation vehicles.

In 2020, staying true to their main mission – to produce an innovative and environmental vehicle – Team UMAKIT secured not one, but two Europe Off-Track Awards, claiming both the Circular Economy Award and the Technical Innovation Award.

Future plans

Participating in Shell Eco-marathon has helped open doors for Team UMAKIT. From developing creativity and critical thinking, to meeting and exchanging information from people at different universities, the team members have been inspired to create more innovative, efficient, and environmental-friendly projects in the future.

Shell Eco-marathon has inspired us to achieve our ambitions; we will keep developing new, innovative and efficient environmental projects. We will apply our experiences and learnings in our future endeavors as well as other competitions we attend.

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