Ae2 Project Team win the Safety Award at the 2020 Europe Off-Tracks for their ‘safety first’ attitude and culture, proactive approach to HSSE practices, and commitment to developing their knowledge through training.

About the Safety Award

The Safety Award highlights the importance of design, road and behavioral safety in the Shell Eco-marathon programme and encourages all teams to consider and implement safe practices in their daily work. It challenges teams to inspect tools and equipment and review established practices, procedures and vehicle design in order to implement changes which lead to higher safety standards.

What they achieved

The Ae2 Project Team took several steps to ensure they followed optimal safety procedures, including announcing all security measures, safety equipment, and safety rules in briefings. Each of the team members also trained in multiple safety courses including first aid, occupational health and safety, and fire training.

Yildiz Technical University incorporated strict measures to ensure that safety was a top priority. They also ensured someone was always responsible for this and that people knew who they needed to follow the instructions of from a safety perspective. Detailed plans and reporting structures were also put into place, to understand where improvements and key learnings could be found.

“Safety has always been our top priority as we care about it more than anything else. We are very proud of this win as it confirms the great job that our team is doing in terms of safety.”

Why the judges believed they deserve to win?

“This team demonstrated real commitment to daily safety practices. By raising their awareness and acting proactively, they developed their safety knowledge through training and culture, and applied learnings to both their day-to-day activities and their vehicle design.”

Lead Judge: Gilles Vanier, Technical Director Shell Eco-marathon, Shell

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