Drop Team on Modular Design

Bruno Christo and Drop Team, from Insituto Federal de Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil had to think outside to box to get their vehicle shipped for the competition.

Bruno, who oversees Aerodynamics and Communications for the team, recalls how they overcame the challenge of size restrictions for transporting their 3-metre-long vehicle to the US regional competition in 2019. Unphased by this, the team got to work and in just 4 months, they completely redesigned their vehicle to make it modular and fit inside the freight box.

The new design allowed parts of their vehicle to sit within each other, making it easier to transport. The team also made sure to consider the environment, leading them to mainly use recyclable plastic for the body.

Learn more about Drop Team’s modular car in the video below.

"When we were designing our car, we think that it was important to consider the environment."

Meet Bruno from Drop Team

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