DTU Supermileage, India

At their 15th consecutive season competing in Shell Eco-marathon, veteran team DTU Supermileage returned for another successful year representing Delhi Technological University.

Introduction to team

A 37-member group comprising mechanical engineers, electronics and communication majors and more, DTU Supermileage gathers students from different backgrounds, all sharing the same passion: innovating the automotive sector in a sustainable way.

What they achieved

The team reached a coveted third place in the global ranking of the 2021 Virtual League, a success that they described as “a dream come true” and a moment “worth the efforts and hard work of every team member”.

What inspired the team to succeed?

DTU Supermileage are big advocates of reducing carbon emissions and believe that making vehicles more efficient can play a crucial role in achieving it. That’s why Shell Eco-marathon was the perfect opportunity for them to make an impact and raise awareness on the issue.

What is the most important thing the team learned?

After a year spent communicating via online platforms and using digital tools instead of physical models, DTU Supermileage has learned the value of teamwork and cooperation in challenging times. From conceiving new prototypes, all the way through to pitching them and manufacturing them for different competitions, the group truly came together to support each other and make sure that all work ran smoothly.

What is the biggest challenge the team faced and how did they overcome it?

DTU Supermileage have faced countless challenges over their 15 years competing in Shell Eco-marathon and COVID-19 was certainly one of them. Like many others, the team was forced to operate with reduced staff, design and manufacture components by themselves and work with fewer sponsors than in the past. But this didn’t keep them from pursuing their goals, and their efforts were rewarded with the third place in the 2021 Virtual League.

What advice does the team have for anyone thinking about taking part?

“Enjoy each and every moment that you are creating – be it brainstorming new ideas, having a healthy debate with your team, testing, failing and much more.”

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