Ecocar UNICAMP, Brazil

Ecocar UNICAMP made their fifth appearance at Shell Eco-marathon with a team of 39 students from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas.

Introduction to team

From mechanical and electrical engineering to communications and administration, the team combines a variety of skills with the common goal of enabling sustainable transformation.

What they achieved

Throughout the season, Ecocar UNICAMP received international accolades for winning their region’s Pitch the Future challenge for Electric Vehicle Battery Charging, while also finishing second place in the Americas Off-Track Awards’ Simulate to Innovate category. Finally, they ranked sixth in the 2021 Virtual League.

What inspired the team to succeed?

In line with Shell Eco-marathon’s own philosophy, Ecocar UNICAMP claim that the need to improve sustainability in mobility was a key driver throughout the competition – as well as the inspiration behind their successes.

What is the most important thing the team learned?

As another exciting season draws to an end, the Ecocar UNICAMP team have learned valuable lessons from Shell Eco-marathon. Most of all, they’ve understood just how important it is to have a committed team willing to give their best to innovate.

What is the biggest challenge the team faced and how did they overcome it?

The team remembers starting the season knowing that COVID-19 would have made the competition a lot different from what they were used to. Between working remotely and having to recruit new members, the group realised that planning ahead was the right way to prepare for it. That’s why they decided to improve their organisation and give equal amounts of responsibility to each member – and worked to ensure that this mentality was passed on to all new arrivals.

What advice does the team have for anyone thinking about taking part?

“In our team, we seek movement, diversity, innovation; and we believe that the change of the world begins with us”.

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