Eifchar on Inspiring Youth

For Bárbara Vencanto and her team Eifchar, from Instituto Federal Sul-rio-grandense, Brazil, sustainability is important because they want to make the world a better place to live in.

Bárbara, a driver for the team, talks about how her team strives towards a sustainable future not only through their Shell Eco-marathon vehicle but also through a yearly course they hold for underprivileged youth in their community to inspire future engineers and raise awareness of their institution.

In these online and face to face workshops, they teach children how to design and build efficient soapbox carts, how to work with wood and race techniques. They even organize an event to see whose cart can go the fastest.

To this Shell Eco-marathon team, these workshops are a way for them to show their commitment to improve their lives and those of the community.

Learn more about how they inspire others in the video below.

“Alone I can go, but together, we can go all the way.”

Meet Bárbara from Eifchar

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