Garuda UNY Team, Indonesia

Representing Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, the Garuda UNY Team strives to lead the way in the global design and development of efficient vehicles.

Introduction to team

The 50-member team from Indonesia has been competing in Shell Eco-marathon for the past five years.

What they achieved

In 2021, Garuda UNY Team won the Vehicle Design Award at the Asia Pacific and Middle East Off-Track Awards, reached third place for the Pitch the Future – Adobe Literacy Award and the fifth place in the Virtual League.

What inspired the team to succeed?

Garuda UNY stress how their seniors and advisors’ strong determination has inspired them to aim for and reach the top spots. Such determination, they say, is “still burning within every member of the team”.

What is the most important thing the team learned?

The team at Garuda UNY has learnt that communication, commitment, and hard work from each team member have the potential to solve any challenge.

What is the biggest challenge the team faced and how did they overcome it?

Looking back at their 2021 season, the team still vividly remembers competing in the Autonomous Programming Competition – a category where they had to start from scratch. Despite initially struggling to find resources and to communicate efficiently with other teams, Garuda UNY was able to reach the 25th place in this global competition.

What advice does the team have for anyone thinking about taking part?

"Dare to try, believe that all is possible and go through every process at the top of your efforts."

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