Mountains and winding roads

Watch the Great Travel Hack Season Two: London to Istanbul

Watch as two teams compete on an epic, lower Co2 emission road trip, from London to Istanbul.


Sparks fly when two easy-going Brits – Team Alpha, meet two ultra-competitive Dutchies – Team Omega, on the road from the UK to the Netherlands. Alpha show us their ‘war faces’ as they escort knights to a local joust (like you do!). Whilst Omega are ruthless, fending-off matchmakers and conquering congestion.

S2 E1: Let Battle Commence!


The challenges come thick and fast on the way to Germany - Omega suffer bruised behinds in their eco-boneshaker, whilst Alpha get up-close and personal in the cosiest EV on the road. Both teams brave the elements and test their D.I.Y. skills deep in the forest and Omega sling a little mud, as Alpha are reduced to pedal power in their attempts to win.

S2 E2: Art Attack


Tensions rise in the awe-inspiring Alps: Alpha discover there’s no limit to team Omega’s competitive streak and our heroes go head-to-head in a race to source the local produce of Bavaria. Before reaching Austria, the teams must master the arts of yodelling; rock, paper, scissors; and regenerative braking.

S2 E3: Rock, Paper, Zwiebelbrot


After the highs of the Alps, we hit the lows on the road to Budapest! Omega go underground, Alpha immerse themselves in Hungarian culture, and both teams find themselves off-grid. As the strain takes its toll, Greg’s ability to referee is called into question and mystery hitchhikers are called in to assist. But don’t panic! It’s nothing a few puppies can’t fix…

S2 E4: Puppy Love & Hitch-Hikers


As our heroes face immovable barriers, stuff their faces with Bulgarian snacks and face the elements while camping, Travel Hack builds to the ultimate face-off on the way to the finish line. Will Omega get back on track? Will Alpha pay a penalty for their “competitive tactics”? And who will wear the Travel Hack Crown?

S2 E5: A Fight To The Finish

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