Green Team Twente win a Communication Award at the 2020 Europe Off-Tracks for their professional communications plan, three-phase campaign strategy, engaging content and recognisable #GoGreener campaign tag.

About the Communication Award

The Communication Award recognises the most impactful and successful integrated communications campaign promoting the team’s work ahead of the competition. The winning team is judged on the quality and creativity of the content, the volume of activity as well as the impact of the campaign.

What they achieved

Green Team Twente set out to accomplish three main goals with their communications plan: to document the team’s activities, to promote Green Team Twente and Shell Eco-marathon, and to amplify important information around the advancement of hydrogen as a fuel.

The team developed a detailed communications plan that included the development of specific types of content. The team thoughtfully structured their campaign in three phases – Introduce, Inform and Hype – and used the hashtag #GoGreener throughout all their content, helping to maintain consistency and provide instant reinforcement of Green Team Twente’s name recognition.

Green Team Twente also developed three diverse types of content to support their communications strategy, including entertaining and viral content tied to worldwide trends; informative content documenting key milestones throughout the process; and collaborative content to increase reach across networks. The team promoted content across social media platforms, including Instagram and LinkedIn, at events such as their car launch, and in press activities.

What obstacles were faced along the way?

The outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic forced Green Team Twente to quickly adjust and adapt their plans. But the team continued to be active on social media and developed new and newsworthy ideas to maintain engagement and reach.

Why the judges believed they deserve to win?

“Green Team Twente developed a professional communication plan and strategy covering a strong mix of media channels with engaging content. The team also demonstrated that good use of marketing tools can put them in a solid stance for the competition. Well done Green Team Twente – a well-deserved win”

Lead Judge: Britt Burnett, GM Marketing and Technical Europe

"It was a very nice ending to a weird year. Winning the Europe Off-Track Award for Communications gave us something positive to look back on after our hard work and effort."

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