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American multinational tech giant HP designs technology used in offices, schools and homes across the world.

HP has a long running relationship with Shell, and provides some of the technology needed to operate Shell Eco-marathon.

We catch up with Rob Klis about HP’s involvement with Shell Eco-marathon...

Hi Rob, tell us a bit more about your relationship with Shell Eco-marathon.

Hi, I'm the account general manager so I have responsibility for everything we do with Shell. Our relationship with Shell has been in place since the late 90s. We both appreciate it a lot. 

At Shell Eco-marathon we provide is the technology to run the events; so the infrastructure that events need, including laptops, notepads, desk tops, printers. Everything the event needs to run registration, any admin and most importantly the technical inspections.

What is the most satisfying thing about being involved with the programme? 

We supply the equipment that the Technical Team uses to perform the technical inspections. In Europe you get the big teams with all the hi-tech gear and the big sponsors all over their clothes and cars, and they still go through the emotions when they pass the test.

But when you go out to Asia and you see the school and university teams that have put together cars on much smaller budgets, often with far less advanced parts, when these kids pass their tests, they celebrate like they have won the competition. It is really inspiring and very special to see.

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What are your Shell Eco-marathon highlights?

Seeing the enthusiasm of the teams globally, the diversity of the teams, the team-spirit, the commitment to go for the extra mile to pass the Technical Inspection or set a good performance on the track. The creativity of the students looking for innovative ways to be as energy-efficient as possible or exploring possibilities with new fuels and techniques. The differences between the teams ranging from F1-like paddock teams, sponsored and professionally equipped with tools, to teams with ‘core’ enthusiasm and a great spirit. It is also great to see that this enthusiasm is observed by the visitors of Shell Eco-marathon (regular public as well visitors from corporates, governments and other stakeholders).

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