Hydrogreen Pollub win a Vehicle Design Award at the 2020 Europe Off-Tracks for their innovative ecological Prototype vehicle Hydros, powered by hydrogen.

About the Vehicle Design Award – Prototype

Sponsored by Altair, the Off-Track Awards for Vehicle Design for Prototype Vehicles recognises innovative design research and execution. It is awarded to the team that presents the most original and coherent vehicle in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics, technical feasibility, choice of materials, and eco-friendliness.

What they achieved

Hydrogreen Pollub’s winning ecological vehicle, Hydros, used hydrogen as its main power source. The team created a new electronic system which allowed them to control the flow of energy in the vehicle and designed a lightweight wheel hub to improve the vehicle’s strength, functionality and safety.

Indeed, safety was extremely important for the team, who worked to ensure optimal safety for drivers while improving comfort and increasing the energy efficiency of the Hydros. Hydrogreen Pollub chose key components that were as environmentally compatible as possible, helping to secure the team’s win in vehicle design.

Overall, Hydrogreen Pollub’s thorough understanding of efficient and ecological design solutions, as well as its knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems, led the team to its outstanding Vehicle Design Award in the Prototype category.

“Nothing can describe our happiness on the words of appreciation for our hard work. Shell Eco-marathon has given opportunities to young engineers in their personal and professional competences, including the ability to build vehicles from scratch, the feeling of a real racing event, and the chance to understand modern and ecological vehicle power technologies.”

What obstacles were faced along the way?

The 2020 competition was not without its challenges for the Hydrogreen Pollub team. As was the case with most other teams, the COVID-19 pandemic hampered the team’s ability to meet and collaborate in person. The team adapted by working together remotely via video calls and group chats in order to complete all the tasks necessary for the competition. Despite these challenges, the Hydrogreen Pollub team are immensely proud of their achievements and were even interviewed on a local Polish TV station about their award.

Why the judges believed they deserve to win?

“A commendable effort on prototyping the design of a completed vehicle, with careful consideration made to ensure their driver was well protected. The prominent design and the level of detail in material choices based upon it’s recyclability shows a great deal of responsibility as future engineers.”

Lead Judge: Joyce Tang, Application Engineer, Altair

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