SunQar on overcoming challenges

Aizhan Yerkimbekova and her team, SunQar from Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan went through great lengths to get to Shell Eco-marathon in Indonesia.

During their preparation to the regional competition, the team were running out of time to finish and transport their car so had to dismantle and transport it in parts inside luggage on four flights to get to Lombok, Indonesia. Their innovative thinking and determination stems from their commitment to raising awareness about the environment, and inspiring youth to become part of the solution.

For Aizhan and her team, educating others about the impact of climate change is very important. They conduct seminars and workshops with young students in their university to showcase their battery-electric vehicle and elevate the importance on everyone contributing to solve these challenges.

Learn more about what makes this team unique in the video below.

“Raising awareness about climate change is very important.”

Meet Aizhan from SunQar

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