Inferno, India

Inferno win the Safety Award at the 2020 Asia Off-Tracks; a fitting tribute for their commitment to daily safety practices, showing care in their design and workspace, setting an example through all their actions.

About the Safety Award

The Safety Award highlights the importance of design, road, and behavioral safety in the Shell Eco-marathon program and encourages all teams to consider and implement safe practices in their daily work. It challenges teams to inspect tools and equipment and review established practices, procedures, and vehicle design in order to implement changes which lead to higher safety standards.

What they achieved

Every year, Team Inferno places safety at the top of its agenda and ensures that every single team member recognises that safety is a personal responsibility.

In 2020, Team Inferno displayed exceptional safety credentials and principles as they created a professional yet functional workspace, separating out areas for fabrication, storage and batteries. The team labelled rooms and placed appropriate warning signs at various spots in the workshop. They also pioneered an ‘ATGATT’ approach, which means ‘All The Gear All The Time’, ensuring they had all protective equipment necessary whenever they were working on a different aspect of their vehicle.

Team Inferno was careful and comprehensive in their risk assessments, taking time to identify any hazards before commencing work. For critical design changes to the vehicle, they built a systematic checklist into their work process covering various elements, including protective equipment checks and computer simulations, to ensure optimal safety always.

Going one step further, the team conducted several seminars and public interaction programs aimed at spreading awareness of the importance of safety.

What obstacles were faced along the way?

The team’s plans were heavily disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, as they experienced local travel restrictions that made it impossible to meet and collaborate in person. However, they managed to overcome these obstacles by holding multiple meetings and discussions online to plan their submission for the Safety Award.

What inspired the team to succeed?

With passion at the heart of their Shell Eco-marathon journey, Team Inferno implore other teams from around the world to get involved.

“Shell Eco-marathon requires knowledge from multi-disciplinary subjects, whether they come under STEM or not. Shell Eco-marathon is not just another student competition. It is probably one of the only events that tests students on their overall capabilities and strengths; and it thoroughly helps in the all-around development of skills in each participant.”

Why the judges believed they deserve to win?

“This winning team demonstrated a compelling commitment to the daily safety practices, created a step wise approach, a risk assessment and clear signage in their workshop with focus on best practices. By conducting several seminars and programs with the public, they proved that safety is a culture, not just a set of rules to follow.”

Lead Judge: Gilles Vanier, Technical Director Shell Eco-marathon, Shell

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