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The Great Travel Hack is an epic road trip with a difference: Lowest CO2 emissions wins – in this challenge it’s not about how fast you go, it’s about going cleaner.

In Season 2, two teams went head to head on a road trip from London to Istanbul in over 30 different cleaner energy vehicles

But how did Shell measure the carbon emissions?

In the video below, Shell expert Norman Koch explains the well-to-wheel approach.

Ask Mission Control : CO2 Emissions | The Great Travel Hack

To learn more about The Great Travel Hack and to watch Season 2, visit here

Shell expert Norman Koch:

“The Great Travel Hack Season 2 was a road trip challenge from London to Istanbul, where the competition was not about going the fastest, but about travelling with the lowest CO2 emissions possible.”

“Mission control helped two teams choose cleaner vehicles powered by electricity, hydrogen fuel and more. We documented the CO2 emissions produced along the way by taking a well to wheel approach. That means we included both the CO2 emitted in producing the fuel as well as the CO2 emitted while driving. Because, even if there are no exhaust emissions from driving an electric car for instance, generating electricity to power that car can produce CO2 emissions. 

“By taking into consideration the amount of energy used by each vehicle as well as the way that energy was made, we can calculate each team’s CO2 emission for every episode of the competition. All we had to do was add up each team’s total emissions per episode to work out that the winner, of The Great Travel Hack Season 2 was Team… well, you’ll have to watch to find out!”

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