Team Averera, India

A self-described group of automobile enthusiasts from the Indian Institute of Technology - Banaras Hindu University, Team Averera brings together students from various engineering fields including Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Mining Engineering.

Introduction to team

Under the leadership of a host of professors from the same institute, the team entered Shell Eco-marathon with a desire to drive key advancements to energy-efficient and autonomous vehicles.

What they achieved

A long-term participant to Shell Eco-marathon, Team Averera made their sixth year in the competition one to remember as they were crowned global winners of the 2021 Virtual League. They also won the Simulate to Innovate Award in the Asia Pacific and Middle East Off-Track Awards in 2021.

What inspired the team to succeed?

Team Averera have long been committed to exploring how electric power in India could be produced using less coal or other fossil fuels. This issue has inspired them to make vehicles more efficient and join other teams within Shell Eco-marathon in their pursuit of a more sustainable and brighter future.

What is the most important thing the team learned?

Shell Eco-marathon was a truly formational experience for the team, who learned everything from the fundamentals of automobiles to the importance of meeting deadlines and planning for a long challenge. But most of all, Team Averera have understood just how crucial collaboration and cohesion are when entering a competition as a group – sharing experiences and supporting each other throughout the contest.

What is the biggest challenge the team faced and how did they overcome it?

Like the rest of the world, Team Averera have had to adapt to new working ways and continue the competition remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. They overcame it by carefully planning their work and making sure to have regular communication touch points throughout the competition. This new approach helped the group to pursue their objectives, as they were eventually crowned winners of the 2021 Virtual League.

What advice does the team have for anyone thinking about taking part?

“We are innovating, innovate with us.”

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